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Friday, 18 May 2007

Oppiekoppie Bass Farm - Brits

Where: Oppiekoppie Bass Farm - Near Brits
Date: Saturday, 28 April 2007.
Time: Arrived at 6:30, left at 13:30.
Accessability: Good
Weather: Cloudy and very cold throughout the day. Windy, cloud cover constantly changing
Water condition: Brown
Water temperature: 15-16 Degrees
Fishing by appointment only:
Please phone Ben Calitz 082-3600 373 Markus Willers: 082-802 5063 before you go.

A man on the Radio says it's going to be a bad day for fishing...
...but what does he know right? A lot apparently. Oppiekoppie is a nice little place nestled in the koppies near Brits in the North West Province. The Dam has been there for a while now, recently new dams have been built and the main dam has also been extended. There is plenty of Bass and Kurpers, stocked periodically.

A very cold day!
This day was a particularly cold day. Windy and definitely not ideal for fishing...but I firmly believe that you can catch Bass on any kind of day, you just need to work harder...much, much harder. I only caught 3 that day, and only one was worth writing home to about. The water was also brown in colour and visibility was very low. I tried a number of different techniques, targeting fish in all sorts of spots. Oppiekoppie Bass Farm as abundant structure and little coves and grass overhangs where bass can hide and ambush pray. Slow retrieval didn't work that day, neither did dark, pumpkin or watermelon seed coloured lures work...no the only thing that work where small little 2" white coloured grubs (Berkley Gulp). I also had success with a Booyah White Blade Spinner (3/8).
Fish were biting short (close to bank). All strikes, even the ones I missed seemed to be aggressive strikes as opposed to feeding strikes.

Good experience. Nice place, baaaad day for fishing. Will I go back? Definitely! Early summer, late spring; March should be excellent.

Visit them at www.oppiekoppiebassfarm.co.za